Crane Weighing System

A built-in weighing system in EOT Cranes are used in industries like Foundries, Smelters etc. where the crane handles hot metal.

A normal hook-on type crane scale fails to work as it has limitations in operating at high temperature.

In a built-in type of crane weighing system this limitation is over came by mounting the Loadcells high-up in the crab, safely away from the hot zones. The load cell senses the force on the equalizing pulley/ bar as the crane carries its load.

Crane Weighing System

The pulley configuration on each type of crane can vary drastically due to variations in capacity and engineering. So if you are planning to install a weighing system on your crane, it is essential that you send us the drawing showing the pulley configurations on the crab of your crane.

The operation philosophy is quit simple. The load cell output is carried through a screened cable to the operators cabin, which houses a Digitizer, from which the operator can read the weight carried by the crane.

The digitizer has a BCD output which drives a large display (up to 270mm size) which is mounted on the girder of the crane. The shop flour supervisor can read the weight from this large display.

Crane Weighing System Specifications

Capacity 5 Tons to 200 Tons
No. of Loadcells Varies on the pulley configuration
Duty Continuous
Load sensor Strain gauge based load cell.
Load cell Type Compression / Shear Pin
Power supply required 230V, 50Hz, Single Phase.


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