Electronic Weighbridges

STATWEIGH INDIA manufactures a wide range of electronic truck weighbridges of various capacities and sizes and is committed to provide total solutions to truck weighbridge users.

With 1400 weighbridge installations in India (number is growing steadily). STATWEIGH INDIA has a reputation of being a prompt team right from quotations through delivery and service of weighbridges. Every client of STATWEIGH INDIA will vouch by this and it is our client base which is getting us more business.

Robust Load Cells and Digitizers

The most important components of an electronic weighbridge are the load cells and digitizers. STATWEIGH INDIA has made both of them very robust and hence, the best available in the country.

Highly Durable Girders and Plates

A truck to be weighed is directly driven to the platform of a weighbridge and hence, the platform is subjected to the entire load and vibrations created by a moving truck. Our weighbridge platforms (made of steel) are designed very carefully to withstand these loads without damage and is highly durable. The girders and plates used in our platform are selected very carefully and undergoes stringent quality checks. They are procured only from reputed manufacturers like SAIL / TISCO.

Reliable Mounting Assembly for Load Cells

The next most important component is the mounting assembly for load cells. This transfers the load from the platform to the load cells. This is a cradle assembly which is free to move in the horizontal axes and hence takes all side loads generated due to the vehicular movements on the platform. The mounting assembly consists of three parts namely , the Bottom Plate, Rocker assembly and Top Bracket.

Low Resistance Cables and Weather Proof Junction Box

The signal from the load cells (in milli-volt) is carried to the digitizer, in the control room, through a 4 - core shielded cable. The cable has a very low electrical resistance and hence, no loss of signals. The cables from different load cells , in a weighbridge, meets in a weather proof junction box. The junction Box is of fully molded type and houses the necessary terminal blocks for interconnection of load cell out puts. The Junction box also carries a set of surge arrestors, to protect the entire system from lightning and electrical surges.

Truck Position Sensor ( TPS )

Statweigh has unleashed Truck Position Sensor (TPS) a unique system, to check the position of a truck on the platform.

The Truck Position Sensor ensures that the truck is completely on the platform, and no part of the tyre is protruding outside. This totally eliminates the chances of manipulating the weight reading, by partially keeping the truck tyre, outside the weighing platform. If a portion of the tyre is outside the weighing platform, the system will refuse to display any reading.

Easy to use WeighBridge Software

WEIGHMASTER - user friendly, windows based software for weighbridges. It is highly secure and customizable - password protected different user levels, allows you to create your own fields, depending on your specific requirement.

The entire combination, makes the system totally robust, trouble free, and easy to operate - hence the most sought after weighbridge system.

WeighBridge Configurations

  • Pit type WeighBridge
  • Pit less type WeighBridge


Statweigh offers WeighBridge Project Report and Project Consultancy for setting up Electronic Weighbridge and Weighing Systems contact us for more details.